Programa - 20 Maio 2019

“Knowledge, People and Digital Transformation

Approaches for a Sustainable Future”



08h30 - 09h00

Registo e Receção dos Participantes

ISCTE-IUL - Edificio 2 - Auditório B203

09h00 - 09h15

Abertura da Conferência

Florinda Matos (ICAA) | Pierre Guibentif (Dinâmia'CET)

ISCTE-IUL - Edificio 2 - Auditório B203

09h15 - 09h45

Keynote Speaker

Leif Edvinsson (Professor Emeritus)

ISCTE-IUL - Edificio 2 - Auditório B203

09h45 - 11h00

Apresentação de Papers


ISCTE-IUL - Edifício 2 - C2.01

Chair: Valter Vairinhos

ISCTE-IUL - Edifício 2 - C2.02

Chair: Álvaro Rosa

ISCTE-IUL - Edifício 2 - C2.05

Chair: Cláudia Pocho


What matters the most for competitive advantage building in organizations: Human or Social Capital?

Carlos Botelho, Susana Almeida Lopes,Madalena Duarte Ferreira

Combining new and old emergent business models in the food system transition

Isabel Salavisa, Maria Fátima Ferreiro

Digital Transformation of the Enterprise Value Chains

Rui Ribeiro


Intangible assets and their specific character

Nevenka Maher

Competitiveness and Intellectual Capital of Nations: Reviewing the role of conditions for innovation, sophistication and austerity measures

Arthur Tornatore Siessere,João Carlos Correia Leitão,Leonardo Fernando da Cruz Basso

How Can Social and Environmental Disclosures affect Corporate Reputation in New and Classic Business

Francisca Castilla-Polo, Maria del Consuelo Ruiz-Rodriguez


Online-learning at ISCTE-IUL: towards a sustainable education paradigm

António Luís Lopes, Filomena Almeida, Vanessa Figueiredo

An Integrated Model of Business-Knowledge-Digital – The BKD Link: Innovating value in a digital journey

Susana M S Kwok, Amy C Y Luk

Smart Cities, Well-being and Good Business: The 2030 Agenda and the role of knowledge in the era of Industry 4.0

Diana Soeiro

11h00 - 11h30

Coffee Break

11h30 - 12h45

Apresentação de Papers


ISCTE-IUL - Edifício 2 - C2.01

Chair: Fátima Ferreiro

ISCTE-IUL - Edifício 2 - C2.02

Chair: Thomas Keller

ISCTE-IUL - Edifício 2 - C2.05

Chair: Carlos Botelho


Intellectual Capital of Higher Education Institutions and Quality of Life of Internal Stakeholders

Eugénia de Matos Pedro, João Leitão, Helena Alves

Mapping sustainability transitions in contemporary culture

Teresa Marat-Mendes, João Cunha Borges

Practical approach to promote the value of Intelectual Capital

Joana Ramos


Measuring the Well-being at work at a Higher Education Institution – A Case Study on ISCTE-IUL

Nicolle Lucas Santos

A Study on Digital Culture Phenomena in Addressing Cyber Threats

Liudmila Baeva

Offline digital – digital offline The potential of offline digitised information for the production, distribution and appropriation of human knowledge

Ulrich Schiefer, Ana Larcher Carvalho,Alexandre Costa Nascimento


The Role of Human Intellectual Capital in Business Transformation

Boris Slavin

Turning Knowledge Management, Human development and Sustainability Concepts into Practice - an ERP Project case study

Cláudia Lopes Pocho, Emiliano Carlos Serpa Castor, Florinda Matos, Rodrigo Costa Santos

Digital transformation and knowledge management in the public sector: a structured literature review

Ana Alvarenga, Florinda Matos

12h45 - 14h00


Edificio INDEG-IUL - Restaurante Clube I

14h00 - 14h30

Lançamento do Livro

Intellectual Capital Management as a Driver of Sustainability: Perspectives for Organizations and Society

Florinda Matos (Dinâmia'CET) | Valter Vairinhos (ICAA) | Leif Edvinsson (Professor Emeritus)

ISCTE-IUL - Edificio 2 - Auditório B203

14h30 - 15h45

Apresentação de Papers


ISCTE-IUL - Edifício 2 - C2.01

Chair: Nevenka Maher

ISCTE-IUL - Edifício 2 - C2.02

Chair: Pedro Oliveira

ISCTE-IUL - Edifício 2 - C2.05

Chair: Eugénia Pedro


Patent fees policies and international extension of university patents: Evidence from Portugal

Daniel M. Vasconcelos, Catarina Maia

Emotional intelligence: A Mechanism for Achieving Sustainable Societies

Carolina Almeida Cruz, Patrícia Assis, Carina Abreu, Mark Anthony Kaye

Reading through Pictures. An interpretative study of art and design academics between 1960s and late 1970s in Porto

Eliana Penedos Santiago, Heitor Alvelos, Susana Barreto, Cláudia Lima


Beyond Digitalization-“My Boss is Artificial”

Elke Brucker-Kley, Thomas Keller

Key Competencies for Digital Transformation in Workplace

Inês Faina, Filomena Almeida

Influence of digital media on formation of Russian youth religious identity

Romanova A.P., Topchiev M.S., Rybakov A.V., Chernichkin D.A., Dryagalov V.S.


People, Intangibles and Digital Transformation

Valter Vairinhos, Florinda Matos


Knowledge and Technology: Man as a Technological Animal

Inês Salgueiro

15h45 - 16h15

Coffee Break

16h15 - 17h45

Knowledge Coffee

Florinda Matos (ICAA) | Ludo Pyis (AREOPA) | Cláudia Pocho (Furnas)

ISCTE-IUL - Edificio 2 - Auditório B203

17h45 - 18h00

Best Papers | Encerramento da Conferência

Florinda Matos (ICAA)

ISCTE-IUL - Edificio 2 - Auditório B203