Keynote Speaker

Professor emeritus, key pioneering contributor to theory and practice of Intellectual Capital (IC). The world’s first Director of IC in 1991. Prototyping in 1996 the Skandia Future Center as Lab for Organisational design. In 1998, awarded by Brain Trust "Brain of the Year" award, UK. Listed in Who’s Who in the world. Earlier Associate member of The Club of Rome. Cofounder and Founding Chairman of The New Club of Paris. In 2013 awarded the Thought Leader Award by European Commission, Intel and Peter Drucker Association. In 2015 appointed Advisory Board to JIN - the Japan Innovation Network. Appointed 2016 to the Advisory Board of Norway Open Innovation Forum. Together with UN Awarded the KM Award 2017, in Geneva Palais des Nationas, by

Knowledge Coffee

Graduated in Pedagogy at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), she took her Master's degree in Education at UFRJ and her Doctor of Science degree in Production Engineering also at this Institution (2011). Working as a Professor at Estacio de Sa University from 2000 to 2015, as a coordinator, she also structured the MBA in Corporate Education and Knowledge Management. She works at Furnas Centrais Elétricas S.A. (Brazil) since 2005, in environmental education, information technology, corporate education and knowledge management areas, especially as a leader. Managing teams and projects, recognized externally, she is responsible for implementing Knowledge Management Programs in companies and projects in the energy sector. As an Investigator on assessment models focused on environmental education projects, programs and public policies, she takes her post doctorate studies at NOVA University of Lisbon.


 LUDO PYIS (Bélgica)
Founder and president of AREOPA (ex. VP Organizational Development of Hewlett Packard). He started AREOPA in 1987, at that time a management consulting group specialized in Change Management, Intellectual Capital Calculation & accounting and applied Knowledge Management. AREOPA has built in the last decades a strong reputation in the field of Intellectual Capital Accounting which makes the knowledge economy tangible. Due to very fundamental research in the field of IC accounting, AREOPA became the ww leader in the field of IC accounting and is today a reputated “knowledge provider” in IC accounting aspects. Because of this strong commitment to R&D in the field of IC accounting, AREOPA was been involved in many high level expert groups of the EU. Ludo Pyis is, and has been, a much demanded guest speaker on IC conferences and professor in many university programs, all over the world. The AREOPA team (today more than 300 people strong) has been involved in many major IC accounting projects in companies, NGO’s, NFP organizations and in setting up “intellectual capital centers” in many countries, in order to create awareness for IC accounting and IC management in order to shape the knowledge economy. It can be said that Ludo Pyis is a visionair in the field of IC accounting and in how to implement it in real economical realities as driver of innovation in the knowledge economy. Don’t expect conceptual theories but real practical approaches to shape the difference.


Professor, PhD at Bucharest University of Economic Studies (ASE), Economics and Economic Policies Department since 1993.Since April 2016 she is also a vice-dean in charge with research-development-innovation and international relations at the Faculty for Theoretical and Applied Economics, ASE. She has an extensive experience in higher education and research (coordinator or director for 8 nation research projects; member of 30 research teams projects), academic publishing (25 books and over 150 published papers in national and international peer-reviewed journals and proceedings); key note speaker, chair, member of the scientific committees for international conferences, reviewer; visiting professor at MIT University, Cairo, Egypt (February-March 2006); member of national and international organizations such as: EARLI (European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction), RSA (Regional Studies Association), ERSA (European Regional Studies Association); ICCA(Intellectual Capital Accreditation Association), CRISFT, Romanian Academy, AOSR (Academia Oamenilor de Stiinta din Romania), ARSR (Asociatia Romana de Studii Regionale) SBE; CREE (Centrul Roman de Educatie Economica). She graduated numerous training programs in the field of economics education, such as “Training of Trainers”, “Training of Writers” organized by NCEE (National Council on Economic Education), United States of America (1997-1998); London School of Economics and Political Sciences-Complexity Group (2007, 2008, 2011), Durham University (1996)-United Kingdom etc.